Ovarian Cancer Health Checklist

10 Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy

  1. Review labels of all hygiene products, and get rid of ones that are made with talcum powder

  2. Speak to your doctor immediately, and request an ovarian cancer screening test — such as a transvaginal sonogram — if you were using talc-based hygiene products at least once a week

  3. Know the symptoms for ovarian cancer: bloating, feeling full quickly, and experiencing abdominal or pelvic pain

  4. Visit your doctor for regular check-ups to help with early detection

  5. Explore your family medical history to see if any loved ones battled ovarian cancer

  6. Talk with your doctor about having tubal ligation surgery to reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer if you are a high-risk individual

  7. Take birth control pills for three years or more to lower your risk of developing ovarian cancer by 30 to 50%

  8. Eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight to reduce your risk of developing cancer and other diseases

  9. Attend a Take Early Action & Live (“TEAL”) event hosted by the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

  10. Wear teal and share information with your friends to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer